Buying art

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of my art, the easiest way is to use the contact form or to call me at 408 455 3033.

Some of my sculptures are shown at the Gallery House in Palo Alto. Others can be seen at my studio, as well a most of my drawings. 

You are also welcome to visit my studio in Los Gatos (Please use the contact form to make an appointment).




Small bronzes (around 12" high)                         Between $ 800 and $ 1900 depending on size and weight

Joy (22" high)                                                  $ 2,900  (SOLD)

Thinking Out of the Box (Polished Bronze)           $ 2,900

LIT (Lost in Translation) (consists of 2 pieces)      $ 4,500

The Keeper   (45" high, 105 lbs)                        $ 15,000


Ali                                                                 $ 900

Pearl                                                              $ 900


Clays are priced between $250 and $600.


Please contact me for the price list.


All my drawings are original. I use a mix of charcoal, ink and watercolor on acid free paper.

                                                                   18" x 24"        16" x 20"       14" x 18" or smaller

  • Charcoal and ink                              $ 190             $  170      $  150       
  • Charcoal, Ink and watercolor             $ 240             $ 220            $ 200


When you buy a drawing, you can come back anytime in the future, and exchange it for another one of similar value.


Drawings come:

  • Matted, ready to be framed in a standard frame size (14" x 18", 16" x 20" or 18" x 24").


  • Matted and framed (+ $10). I am using frameless clip frames as shown in the photo below. More information about these frames can be found at Quadroframes.

Clip frame



Please contact me for shipping arrangements.