Born in Paris, France, I moved to the US in 1994.

As far as I can remember I have always been drawing and building things, but it is a workshop with the sculptor Petrus ( in 1978, which triggered my passion for sculpture. At that time, I had just completed my education in electrical engineering. Rather than going right away to work, I applied to the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts” in Paris, and studied drawing and sculpture there for two years, before spending several months with Petrus, from whom I learned the foundation of my clay technique. 

However, at the time, a career in art was not really an option for me (or so I thought) and I went back to pursuing a career as an engineer. Eventually, after 35 years with limited artistic activity, I finally got back to art full time.

Artist Statement

I watch the model, I feel the tension of her movement in my own body. With my knife I make bold cuts in the block of clay, trying to capture the essence of the pose. I have to work fast, keeping the energy flowing, and when I start to see some life emerging from the clay, I feel alive too...

I draw a few lines, quickly, sometimes with a couple of watercolor strokes. I do not think, just keep my focus on the model, enjoy the freedom of my hand moving, and the contact of the charcoal on the paper. Then, once in a while, the drawing is alive and I can feel the movement and the mood of the model, and I see that I have nothing to add to it and that if do, it is going to ruin it...

My current focus is on figurative sculpture and drawing. In my drawings I like to combine charcoal, ink and watercolor, which allow me to work quickly, my main interest being to capture life and energy in as spontaneous and raw a manner as possible. I draw almost exclusively from life, my preference being very short poses. I do not try to tell a story, as much as to capture the moment, the pose, the movement, the mood. I enjoy carving once a while a stone or a beautiful piece of wood, but I create most of my sculptures in clay, either from life or from my life drawings. I then cast them in bronze, which is time consuming but very rewarding.

I spend now my time between my studio in Los Gatos (CA), various life drawing sessions in the Bay area, the West Valley College foundry and teaching life drawing and sculpture.

In addition, whenever I have the opportunity, I also love to build these temporary balancing structures, which sometimes turn out to be surprisingly beautiful... You can see some of this work in my Earth Art page.

My longer term objective is to expand my art to other mediums, and to use my engineering background to combine art and technology.



Teaching assistant (Sculpture) at West Valley College (Saratoga, CA) 2017 to present
Instructor (Figure drawing, Sculpture) at Pacific Art League (Palo Alto, CA) 2017 to present

Art Education

Metal Sculpture at West Valley college (Saratoga, CA) 2015-2017
Resident with sculptor Petrus, France 11/1980 to 2/1981
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France. 1979-1980


  • stARTup Artfair, San Francisco, April 26-28, 2019, (Juried)

  • San Mateo Library, May 1 – June 30, 2019

  • San Mateo City Hall, March 1 – April 24, 2019

  • Life Live 2019, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, March 2 - April 6, 2019, (Juried)

  • Sculpture Now, Peninsula Museum, Burlingame, November 2018, (Juried)

  • Ruth Bancroft Sculpture Garden, Walnut Creek, Summer 2018, (Juried)

  • stARTup Artfair, San Francisco, April 27-29, 2018, (Juried)

  • Life Live 2018, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, February 24 - April 14, 2018, (Juried)

  • Pacific Art League, Work on paper, Palo Alto, February 2018, (Juried)

  • Pacific Art League, Member show, Palo Alto, January 2018, (Juried, Honorable Mention)

  • Ruth Bancroft Sculpture Garden, Walnut Creek, Summer 2017 , (Juried)

  • Triton Museum of Art’s 2D Competition & Exhibition, April 2017, (Juried)

  • Gallery House, Palo Alto, February 2017

  • Vyne Bistro, San Jose, January-February 2017

  • Pacific Art League, Member exhibition, Palo Alto, January 2017, (Juried, 2nd Place)

  • Not so Heavy Metal II exhibition, Mission College, November 2016, (Juried)

  • Pacific Art League Instructor exhibition, Palo Alto, November 2016

  • More the Merrier show, Art Ark Gallery, November 2016 (Juried)

  • Sand City, September 2016 (Juried)

  • California Clay Competition, May 2016 (Juried)

  • Pacific Art League, "Figure and Faces", May 2016 (Juried)

  • Art Object Gallery, April 2016 (Celebrating International Sculpture day)

  • Art Ark Gallery, March 2016 (Silicon Valley Open Studio preview exhibition)

  • Pacific Art League, Member exhibition, January 2016

  • Group Art Show, Main St Cafe, Los Altos, September 2015

  • Pacific Art League, "Figure and Faces", August 2015 (Juried)